Smart Device designed to make your Food Last Longer

Shelfy: The Solution to Food Waste
A Smart Device designed to make your Food Last Longer and help you Save Money.

We’re excited to introduce our Fourth Product: Shelfy. It’s a smart device that will make your food last longer, reduce bacterial load and remove bad odors from your refrigerator. A small and compact purifier that allows your food to last up to 12 days longer in the refrigerator.  A product designed to fight food waste and save money for families at an incredibly discounted low price, available only on Kickstarter.

A Revolutionary Device with all these Features at an incredible Low Price - it will be the Best Investment for you, your family and the ones you love!

We are back on Kickstarter for the Fourth Time and we are super excited! Every product has been a success for us and we have been able to grow together with our community. Now, it’s time to go beyond and we created something amazing for you.

Food waste is one of the biggest and most underestimated problems of our time. If food loss and waste were a country, it would be the third biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Food waste also burdens waste management systems, exacerbates food insecurity, making it a major contributor to the three planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

A family spends on average almost $2,000 a year on food that is sure to be thrown away and wasted.  But this isn’t the only problem! Studies show that 1 out of 2 refrigerators have an above average proliferation of mold and bacteria, this can cause contamination and possible risks to our health. Check the numbers to better understand the problem!

Shelfy is a smart purifier that eliminates bad odors, bacteria and extends the shelf life of your food. Thanks to its photocatalytic technology - Vitesy’s flagship - you can say goodbye to bad odors and spoiled vegetables in the back of your refrigerator!

Shelfy is the solution to food waste because your food will last longer in the refrigerator and will allow you to save thousands of dollars a year!

You no longer have to worry about food spoiling or becoming moldy after a few days. With Shelfy your food can last over three times their normal shelf-life. 

From the organoleptic evaluations made, it has been proven that Shelfy is effective in increasing the shelf-life of the products tested, postponing the appearance of wilting, softening, stains and rotting.

We conducted our research at CSI SpA - FPM Laboratory (Food Packaging Materials). An Italian and European technological hub with a team of about 400 experts including engineers, physicists, chemists and microbiologists who have made quality, safety and sustainability the backbone of their professional role. 

They're recognized as a center of excellence especially for companies in the food, packaging, construction and automotive sectors, in which every day, for more than 25 years, they have been working to enhance quality companies and protect the market.

We carried out a study aimed at verifying the effectiveness of Shelfy and improving the conservation of fresh food and their organoleptic properties.

Shelfy is a powerful ally against food waste and extremely easy to use. By pressing a simple button and placing Shelfy in the fridge you can make a difference, fight food waste and save money. Pretty amazing, huh? Select your favourite mode based on how full your refrigerator is and place Shelfy wherever you want: shelf, drawer or door? 

Shelfy uses an innovative and sustainable nanomaterial-based photocatalytic technology since the filter doesn’t need to be replaced, just washed under running water.

Photocatalysis is a safe chemical reaction that absorbs air pollutants and turn them into harmless elements. The use of this technology guarantees safety, better performance and less consumption. In this way, we make Vitesy technology sustainable and effective.

Shelfy takes in the air inside the refrigerator through mechanical ventilation and leads it towards the photocatalytic filter, where the pollutants are destroyed and not mechanically retained.

Our lab tests show that in the refrigerator with Shelfy, bacterial and fungal contamination are about 10 times lower compared to the same products stored in a normal refrigerator. And the reduction of bad smells is over 80%.

Shelfy is a smart product and it adapts to your needs. Depending on the amount of food you have in the refrigerator, change the mode to Eco, Standard or Boost. You can do it with a simple click on the Vitesy Hub app, where you can manage all your Vitesy products! Moreover, you can connect Shelfy to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

You may not know it, but opening and closing the refrigerator leads to a great waste of energy. Every time we open the fridge, the temperature and humidity change, so the refrigerator must restore its ideal conditions by consuming more energy than necessary. 

Thanks to the door-opening sensor, Shelfy will help you monitor this parameter. Through the app you can know how many times you opened the fridge and receive smart tips on how to reduce energy consumption, save money and preserve the quality of your food.

Shelfy is a compact and performing product, designed to adapt to all types of refrigerators. You can store it on the shelf, in the door, or directly in the crisper drawer. Thanks to its powerful flow it will be able to reach every corner of your refrigerator.

Shelfy is completely interlocking and it’s super easy to remove the filter to wash it under running water. Thanks to its photocatalytic technology with nanomaterial coating, bad odors and bacteria are neutralized and you will not have filters to change.

Charging it has never been easier. Thanks to its USB-C plug you can charge it wherever and however you want.

Shelfy has 3 operating modes: Eco, Standard, or Boost. You can choose according to the amount of fresh food you have in your refrigerator or to its size.

Shelfy is a pioneer product in the field of increasing shelf life. Vitesy’s advanced technology guarantees more safety and quality. Look at the chart to see the difference!