Review of Cinera Edge, a 5K OLED HMD with Dolby Digital 5.1 Headphone

5K|micro OLED | Dolby Digital Certified | 5.1 Surround Sound Headphone | Android OS | HDMI 2.0 input | Elegant Design

And here it is, the best thing you are waiting for.

Review of Cinera Edge, a 5K OLED HMD with Dolby Digital 5.1 Headphone

Cinera Edge is the world's first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone with 5.1 channels of surround sound. The combination boasts a real theatrical immersive experience with fantastic video and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It invigorates your movie, TV, or gaming experience, and escalates your daily entertainment to a new level.

Cinera Edge is using the latest technology -- micro OLED. With micro OLED, we managed to dramatically reduce the form factor while packing the same amount of pixels as in Cinera v1. Cinera Edge unlocks over the predecessor multiple significant advancements: integrated headphones, true mobility, and long-session comfortableness, etc.

Dual 2560x1440

Each of the two Cinera Edge’s screens delivers the astonishing 2560x1440 pixels, which is significantly higher than most other products in the market. Higher-resolution brings a sharper image with more details.


Its screen is using the same DCI-P3 color standard that is widely adopted by the projection systems used in movie theaters. DCI-P3 color space has a much more full gamut of color than the conventional sRGB so that Cinera Edge can reproduce more colors with more accuracy. Think about an Apple Pro Display (Cinera Edge) vs. a regular monitor in your office (Others).

 3515 PPI 

Each screen packs 3.6 million (2560x1440) pixels into a 0.83’’(2cm) area, giving it seven times more dense image than the iPhone 11 Pro’s display. Cinera Edge’s micro OLED screen is the critical breakthrough of Cinera Edge’s new screen technology, as it makes ultra-high resolution possible in a goggle. Thanks to it, we can reduce Cinera’s form factor without sacrificing image quality.

500,000: 1 Contrast Ratio

The micro-OLED technology used in Cinera Edge delivers an ultra-high contrast ratio of 500,000:1 while not causing eye strain or fatigue. On our screens, colors are more vibrant and brighter. Your eyes will appreciate a broader differentiation between multiple shades of grey.

An OLED screen responds super fast. As a result, motion blur is mostly eliminated when displaying fast-moving objects. It also helps reduce motion sickness when watching VR content.

The Best Virtual Experience 

Cinera Edge makes you feel like you’re IN the movie!

Imagine when watching a thriller movie, your heart beats a little faster, and the action encapsulates you. Rather than just watching a movie, you are LIVING in it. You are part of the action and fully immersed in the movie plot! That’s what you get when watching a movie or playing a video game using Cinera Edge.

                              With the latest advanced technology, we’ve recreated and even surpassed the immersive experience of watching a movie in a theater with:

66° Wide, 1200’’ Diagonally 

Cinera Edge screen is equivalent to 1200’’ from a 20m distance or 66° wide left-to-right. That is wider than the 54° screens in most cinemas and almost as big as IMAX®’s signature 70° screen.

 38 PPD 

It is the only HMD that can achieve both a wide FOV and satisfy the PPD (Pixel per Degree) standard for movie theaters. Normally, one has to compromise between image quality and image size. With Cinera Edge, you can have them both!

 No Latticing 

Cinera Edge doesn’t have the latticing issues as with other low-resolution HMDs. The image is sharp and smooth.

Different from 3D in cinemas where wearing 3D glasses is a must, Cinera Edge is a native 3D display that no glasses are needed. Left & Right images are displayed and transmitted to the two eyes without any overlapping or being filtered by glasses. Therefore, Cinera Edge’s 3D image is much brighter than you’ll find in cinemas. 

Support Blu-ray 3D

Cinera Edge also supports 3D Blu-ray as well, so you can enjoy a vast library of high-quality 3D titles with Cinera Edge’s cinematic screen.

Sound is also a key factor in delivering a cinematic experience; therefore, we add to Cinera Edge a high-quality headphone with cinema-grade configurations.

5.1Ch Surround Sound
With four drivers on each side, Cinera Edge simulates cinematic 5.1 surround sound and delivers straight into your ears.

Enhanced for Movies
Cinera Edge’s audio is fine-tuned to modulate clear human voice, high spatial accuracy, and ample bass.

The ergonomics of Cinera Edge smartly shift more weight to its sides, taking the pressure off the front part. This makes long sessions of wearing effortless.

Eyeglasses Free
Cinera Edge has a diopter adjustment so that you don’t need to wear glasses when enjoying it. The adjustment range is -8D to +3D.

With a built-in Android OS, Cinera Edge is as easy to use as your mobile phone. You can instantly stream from content services like Netflix or HBO through Wi-Fi, or play local content using a USB drive or micro SD card. Cinera Edge’s touchpad on the right-hand side allows you to swipe through the menus quickly.

Android Ecosystem
Running on a full Android OS, Cinera Edge supports most content apps.

Micro SD Card
SD card connectivity means great expandability. You will never run out of storage.

HDMI 2.0b
Cinera Edge also has an HDCP-supported HDMI 2.0b port. It is a shout out for an upgraded Blu-ray, gaming console, or drone experience.