Latest Technical Reviews | Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD] | Must Watch

Superb Trailer of all time

If you have seen Thor and you are a big fan of his fights then there would be no reason not to watch this trailer. And its trailer got millions of views withing 3 days of its launch. In this trailer Thor has become imprisoned by his enemy and have to fight with Hulk. 

Yes, this much is all that we have seen in the trailer but what if Thor loses ? 
Who knows? What is coming next until November  2017, When the movie is going to be launched. 

THOR 3 RAGNAROK - Official TRAILER + ALL Teasers (2017)
But Whatever would be the fight results into, when Hulk and Thor are going to fight each other. We are very much exited to watch it. And according to latest technical reviews this movie seems to be a bit funny as there are some comic dialogues of Thor. So it is going to be action drama and a must watch movie for you guys.  Read reviews with Love